Today at while I was at work my boss walked by and, in passing, said an interesting phrase. He said, “…all the answers in one place.” Earlier this morning I was at the men’s Bible study that is being held every Thursday morning at 0600 hours. We were there studying Acts 10, which describes Peter and Cornelius, Peter’s Vision, the Gentiles hearing the good news, and the Holy Spirit coming to the Gentiles. I thought of my boss’s statement [in light of what I believe about Scripture] and it fit perfectly. All the answers for the instructions on proper living are found in one place. Scripture, God’s Word, the Bible, the Truth contains all the answers mankind needs for a spiritual life.

It was difficult for me to awake this morning. I wasn’t able to make it on time to the Bible Study, which wasn’t good. Last night my wife and I started work at a decently late hour on the house we just purchased. She was able to start cleaning the room we will be using for our bedroom a portion of this season; I was able to accomplish a nice portion of the work in the basement. I knocked out a wall and removed much drywall/sheet rock. When we return this weekend we’ll be able to accomplish even more. I think the work took us about three and a half hours last night.

There’s much work to be done. I’m excited to be “handy” for something I actually own. I knew there was a reason the phrase “sweat equity” exists, however this is the first time I’ll be able to experience its affects personally…

More to come!