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You’ve found blog of Matthew Marchese. This is one of my many projects. I try to find time to write about what I am currently learning about or doing. If you want to learn more about my likes and interests keep reading.

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Titus 2:11-14; 3:3-8 would be a good representation of my beliefs about reality. I was born a wicked person, but by God’s grace He saved me to live a life set apart for Him.

I try to make my purpose to glorify Him just as His Son.

Role models:

Excluding the many men found in the pages of Scripture, I have found the following men to be personal life examples for me to follow: Butch Pursley and the other elders at Maranatha Bible Church, Jonathan Winn and Nathan Kurcsak and a few of the past or present pastors that shepherd at Maranatha Bible Church in Akron, Ohio. Dan Jarms, Yogi Naresh, David Gamon, Walt Takisaki, Jerod Gilcher, and the other former or current elders at Faith Bible Church in Spokane, Washington.

Here are some men that I’m not directly connected with, but from their works, writings, and ministries are found to be both honorable and respectable: Dr. John F. MacArthur, George Washington, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, Noah Webster, Samuel Smiles, Ravi Zacharias,and Ben Stein.

My name is Matthew. I highly prefer Matthew it over its shortened, halved version. I’m married to my closest friend, my wife Christina.

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