This month I’ve looked into what it takes in order to build my own live install medium. Digital Survival needs to get off the ground in 2015! No, it is not an early new year’s resolution, it is simply part of my overall plan to provide people with powerful software tools for freedom.

If you haven’t heard of Rufus, then you possibly have not done a lot of CD to USB creation. If you have done a lot of CD/DVD creation, you really should hear about Rufus. Rufus is a LiveUSB creation tool, similar to Universal USB Installer, except for Rufus is a bit simpler (in my option) and is faster (fact). It works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and many Linux distributions (I have used it primarily for SystemRescueCD). The developer for Rufus seems like a really cool guy. I have not met him before, but it appears that he has a strong passion for open source development.

You can find Rufus here:

A nice website that provides information on how to keep your safe while using computers. Similar to what I want Digital Survival to be, however DS will be providing some actual software as well.

Not a lot more that I’ll say right now. This, perhaps, may be added to before December is over. I have some extra time this week to get some Stage7 stuff accomplished.

Up, up, and away!