I was probably going to release some commits for Stage7 over the weekend, but that didn’t happen. Unfortunately the weekend had more going on than I expected. I only half run my schedule; my wife is the ultimate scheduler and she handles many of our interpersonal affairs. I thought I’d record some of the things I actually did get accomplished over the weekend so that I could be disappointed about not getting Stage7 commits not getting pushed. Hopefully I will be able to get them pushed by this coming weekend.

  • Attended a college ministry Christmas party at Faith Bible Church.

Future of Faith logo

  • Attended Future of Faith. Future of Faith is a monthly training and equipping meeting for future church leaders at Faith Bible Church. A normal evening consists of an ice breaker, a selected speaker from one of the various ministries at Faith, and then a discussion panel on an important topic. This week’s topic was on godly leadership.

  • Attended a game night at a friend’s house. Learned how to play Pirate’s Cove board game. It was a fun game but we did not finish playing it. It was starting to get too late.

  • Raked the leaves out of the front and back yard. Started a compost pile for my wife’s long term garden goals.

  • Attended a College Staff Christmas party. Attempted to give away someone’s shoes in this year’s white elephant gift exchange.

  • Removed the last few remaining pieces of galvanized steel water pipes from the house.

Donated to Wikipedia

  • Donated to Wikipedia. I value the information that is organized on Wikipedia; it’s my number one source for providing more information to readers on selected topics of interest via hyperlinks. If you use Wikipedia, or any related Wikimedia website(s), you should donate too!

  • Thought about solutions to replace the wood chip insulation that was discovered this week in the house. Interestingly enough wood chips were once used to insulate houses. According to this chart on Wikipedia, they only have an R-Value of 1.

  • Installed the majority of new PEX water pipe.

  • Went to the YMCA.

  • Went to home improvement store in order to get new materials for the house work that is yet to be complete.

  • Played League of Legends a bit with my brother, then a couple games by myself. It’s still my favorite computer game as far as MOBA/action real time strategy is concerned. I e-mail Riot Games (the game’s creator) in order to determine if there will be a Linux client coming, but they notified me that there were currently no plans to support Linux. There is, however, an article on the Arch wiki on getting LoL the game working in Linux.

  • Used the MarkDown image tag for the first time on this blog. I’ll have to adjust how large the images are.

That completes of list of things accomplished over the weekend. There were a few more little tasks, but they are not worth recording here. Being too comprehensive is too time consuming for efficient production.