Lately I’ve been helping a few friend with their computer problems (they were all using Windows, go figure!). In my experience helping them, there appears to have been a “flare up” of nasty malware that creates ad pop-ups in the Chrome web browser. Out of the four people I assisted, two of them had problems with ads appearing, even when the websites they were currently browsing did not have ads.

I’d love to teach others about what I know. Scripture talks about Discipleship being a core part of what Christians should practice. Teaching people what I know is one of the elements of the discipleship process.

What this is boiling down to, is that I believe it would be valuable for me to teach a computer and technology class to people in the local church. There are so many helpful things everyone should know about technology…

For example: there are a few simple steps my friends could have taken to avoid obtaining the nasty software they unknowingly put on their PC.

  1. Avoid Scams - Go to either official or trusted sources for downloading new software or software updates.
  2. See Everything - Choose “Custom” install for every software package installed.
  3. Do it right the first time - Review every page of the installer CAREFULLY. Do not skip a page because reading is not desired at the moment. Much time can be saved if the software is installed correctly the first time.
  4. Be careful which Add-ons/extensions/plugins are used. Some of them contain ads.
  5. Use helpful Add-ons/extensions to increase security while browsing (NoScript, AdBlock, etc.).

I’m sure there’s more steps that I’m not thinking about, but if everyone followed only those five they would be much safer!

Who knows if I’ll ever be a teacher…God knows! And He is in control.

More to come!