If I was able to expertly model and animate in 3D using cool free tools such as Blender I believe I would strive to tell stories through full feature films. With permission from whoever holds the copyright of The Space Trilogy series, I would attempt to start from the beginning and tell the story of the trilogy.

No doubt things would get interesting in the second movie since the inhabitants of that world are near human and naked. It would be a challenge to figure out how to maintain modesty and still make the film suitable.

Lewis does a great job pricking the senses in this series. It’s easy for the reader to imagine themselves in within the fictional worlds of Malacandra and Perelandra.

I have yet to read the third book. Ultimately if the final book proves to somehow ruin the trilogy I will be quite disappointed. I’ll provide an update when I get to it.

I may even write short book reports for each book, since there are some deep themes at work throughout the stories and the dialogue.

Potentially more to come on this subject…