Today, April 2nd, 2015, was the official announcement that got a rhytidectomy (face lift). You should head over there and check it out!

Yesterday, April Fools’ Day, there was a ‘joke version’ of the site available. Today it was removed and replaced with the new version of the site. The joke site might appear somewhere in the future, but for now it’s offline.

A lot of the work I’ve been involved with recently has been for the Gentoo project. It is exciting to see the distribution take on new looks and get “up to speed” with web technologies. I like the new website a lot. The new front page displays recent Gentoo Linux Security Announcements (GLSAs), new Wiki entries, developer blog entries, and new packages in an easy to see way. Navigation is done with categorical links at the top of the page, and a site drop down menu (top right) makes navigation between resources quite simple.

As usual, there are a few people who dislike the new site. Some complain that JavaScript is present, or that the site is not as easy to navigate since there is no menu bar like the old site had. For people like this, the old site is still available, at least for a while. Once the content is moved it will probably disappear. Don’t say you didn’t see it coming!

I have personally tested the old site and the new site using the text-mode elinks and links web browsers. In my experience the new site works just as well as the old site. Users should really have no reason to complain.