The following article attempts to explain why learning to code is difficult. It traverses topics such as resource density, scopes of knowledge, and the many phases successful software engineers encounter before landing a job in their preferred field. If you’re just learning how to code this article is well worth the read:

The Odin project is not an article, but is appears to be a helpful site for learning the basics of web development. Web development is something I am currently learning more about, so I thought it might be helpful to post the link:

If a Gentoo system has not been updated in a while, it is common to run into slot conflicts and blockers. I found Pawel Hajdan’s (a Gentoo developer) recent blog entry to nicely explanatory on how to resolve blockers in the Portage tree. The only issue I had with the entry is that the contrast of light gray text on a white background is very difficult to see:

The Perfect Paper Passwords (PPP) project was recently brought to my attention. The project aims to create super secure SSH sessions using a one-time-use password list. To the best of my knowledge this software does not yet next in Gentoo’s Portage tree, so Gentoo users will have to download and compile it using the (inconvenient) manual method. If you’re looking for new ways to secure your system this software this method is worth a view: