I’ve started using Irssi as my IRC client of choice. I used to use a combination of Pidgin and Konversation. Konversation was used when I was in a Gentoo environment, Pidgin while in Windows.

Now I’ve started using Irssi. It seems to work well so far. Being a command-line IRC client it has a steep learning curve. Quite a bit sharper than any GUI IRC client that I’ve used.

In other news I had my developer (staff) review with one of the Gentoo recruiters. I think it went well, but we’ll see what happens. It’s now a waiting game, I believe. I found out during the review that I was wrong; Gentoo staff developers do get @Gentoo.org e-mail addresses. It will be nice for me to finally navigate away from Gmail. Although Gmail has served me well all these years, I’d like something that is a bit more private. An @Gentoo.org address not the answer, but it’s a step in the right direction.

If or when I find an IRC solution that works better for me than Irssi I will probably write up a little entry on it. One reason I like Irssi is that I can be signed in at one location. A few of my friends have been using cloud-powered IRC clients. I image they work well for them since they can also log into the web client at any location, but I wouldn’t want to pay the subscription fees. Another thing I like about the Irssi + tmux combo is that I get to host it myself, which is me following Digital Survival’s philosophy.

More to come!