Those of us who have employers who pay us to learn are blessed.

Many who graduate high school directly enroll in a college or university. They pay thousands of dollars in order to learn material that may or may not help them in the market place. A good college or university generally will help the students acquire some of the skills needed in the work place, but many of the skills are developed while working for an employer.

Some employers actually pay their employees in order to learn new skills. This is a product of capitalism. Employers want to make more money, so they invest resources in their employees to make their company as a whole more valuable. The better equipped the employees the better they can do their jobs.

The difference between working for an employer of this type and attending a college or university to learn is that the college or university requires thousands of dollars to teach the enrollees the skills needed. An employer actually pays the employee a wage to learn new skills.

When counting the opportunity cost of attending a college or university it seems to be hardly worth the outcome. Graduates are uncertain to secure bountiful employment unless they have experience working in the field. This all appears to be cyclical…

Just some thoughts from a conversation today.

More to come!