For the first time in forever (definitely not forever, but certainly a while) I’m (re)starting a blog. Ah! I knew that “forever” line would snare your interest! After all, it is one of the most popular lines in a chorus of a song from that ever-popular movie my cousin worked on.

What’s special about this blog, as opposed to other blogs I’ve written, is that I’m finally able to have complete ownership of the data that leaves my body though the tips of my fingers. My very first blog on was on Xanga. I just had to reference to see if it was still actually hosted; turns out Xanga is in the process of “upgrading” to Xanga 2.0 which appears to be essentially a WordPress site. Go figure!

My second form of “blogging” was writing Notes on Facebook. I didn’t write very many, only a few. One of the things I appreciate about Facebook is that it has a broad audience that is exclusive to my friends. I never wrote about anything too technical, but I did use Facebook as a platform to write about things that were important to me so that my friends could read them. One of my more significant Facebook Notes was written to the students about the school I attended. You can find more about Moody Bible Institute - Spokane (where I did my undergraduate degree) by following this link. I’m sure I’ll write more about my undergraduate experience, but for now I’ll leave it at that.

Since my first blog on Xanga, I have a set of principals that I’ve been convinced of. A personal code or system that I desire to live out during my time on earth (which is short, mind you). I’m still determining exactly all of the values, but they surely will appear on this outlet soon enough. These personal principals are the reason I started Digital Survival.

This this the first blog post I’ve written using MarkPad (a free and open source Markdown editor). I’d found it simple, but helpful. It makes me desire to add a Markdown export feature to Nixnote. Hmmm, yes. That just might happen once I get some time to do it. I’ll have to be refreshed on C++ first.

More to come in the future.

Toodles, Maffblaster